Transportation Options For Seniors

Have you ever thought about what would happen if the transportation you use is no longer an option? How would you continue to maintain your independence so that you could continue with your daily routines? Who would you turn to for assistance? People often look to friends or relatives to assist with transportation – this… [Read More]

Ready, Set, Move!

Seniors display a wide range of health and fitness levels. Individuals of the same chronological age can differ dramatically in physiological age and response to exercise (ACSM, 2008). Although aging is inevitable, staying physically fit through exercise and physical activity can combat gradual muscle loss. A combination of physical activities and exercises can contribute to… [Read More]

Eating Healthy As We Age

To guarantee a long and healthy life, seniors can make simple changes in their diet to prevent disease and increase energy. Below are some easy recommendations to follow for optimal senior nutrition: -Eat more fruits and vegetables with moderate amounts of whole grains and lean protein. -Reduce the amount of sweets in the diet. Seek… [Read More]

Higher Medical Bills for Those Who Don’t Treat Hearing Loss

Two new studies point out the serious consequences of untreated hearing loss. In one, researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina found that middle-aged adults with untreated hearing loss had substantially higher medical bills compared with those without hearing loss. A second study from Johns Hopkins University found that moderate to severe hearing loss… [Read More]

Eat Your Way to Brain Health

Follow the Mediterranean or the MIND diets and your mind will be sharper in six months — and less susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease decades later,” agrees Majid Fotuhi, M.D., medical director of NeuroGrow Brain Fitness Center and affiliate staff at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore. What makes these diets so powerful? Key foods within them… [Read More]

Ways to Prepare for a Disaster

Fill a fireproof box.  Items should include identification and other important cards, financial records, family photos and emergency cash in small bills. Design a disaster plan. It should include whom to contact and where to meet family members in case of an emergency.  All family members should the plan and the numbers to call. Make… [Read More]

Health Shots

Sex boosts brain power.  Love might be good for the heart, but new research shows that sex is good for the brain.  Researchers at Coventry University in England studied 6800 men and women ages 50 to 89 and found that those who were sexually active scored higher on cognitive tests than those who were not. … [Read More]