6 Things in Your House You Aren’t Cleaning (but Totally Should)

If you’ve been following us at all lately, then you know we’re a bit germaphobic—and with good reason. Who knew, for example, that your kitchen is actually the dirtiest part of your whole house? But before you bleach down all the surfaces, hear this. The kitchen isn’t the only place where creepy, crawly germs are… [Read More]

Aging in Place Threatened by Rising In-Home Care Costs

The costs associated with “homemaker” services – which assists older adults with tasks including cooking, cleaning, and running errands – and home health aides – who assist older adults with bathing, dressing and eating – are rising at a faster rate than nursing home care, making assistance with basic tasks more expensive. This is according… [Read More]

The Best Time to Buy a Christmas Tree If You’re Looking for a Bargain

For many of us, the annual visit to the Christmas tree lot happens immediately after the Thanksgiving festivities—sometimes even before the leftovers are gobbled up. Buying your tree as early as possible means you’ll have your pick of the inventory. But if you’re trying to score a deal this year (and maybe you don’t mind… [Read More]

Harvard Study: Home Equity Will Be Critical for Aging Americans

Households with housing cost burdens have reached an all-time high, and many households led by those in the senior age demographic have failed to recover from the financial crisis that began in 2008. This has exacerbated the need for affordable and accessible housing and in-home care, and the ability to build home equity will be… [Read More]

How to Clean Up After Thanksgiving in Half the Time

All those hours spent prepping and cooking in the kitchen in the days leading up to Thanksgiving yield a mouthwatering holiday feast of roast turkey with stuffing, mountains of mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. But the last thing you want weighing on your mind after you sit down to eat Thanksgiving dinner are… [Read More]

Reverse Mortgages an Option to Pay for Long-Term Care

The often unpredictable but increasingly likely expense that awaits people of retirement age is oriented around long-term care, and financial advisors are turning to an abundance of new strategies to help their clients pay for it. One such option according to an advisor is a reverse mortgage, who offered the idea in a new story… [Read More]

How the Gig Economy Fails Senior Workers Facing Retirement

As an increasing share of older Americans are turning toward other kinds of emerging jobs in order to make ends meet in retirement, many older workers are turning to jobs that don’t carry any benefits. The result of this is that fewer older workers are in more “traditional” jobs that carry benefits, while many other… [Read More]

Vitamin D is Key to Muscle Strength in Older Adults

Vitamin D deficiency is linked with poor muscle health in older adults, a new study finds. Maintaining muscle health helps seniors maintain their independence, mobility and quality of life. It also lowers their risk of falls and frailty. Researchers looked at more than 4,100 people, aged 60 and older, in England. About 4 in 10… [Read More]