Why Today’s Seniors Are Primed to Tap Home Equity for Retirement

Rising household wealth held by older adults in recent years have put today’s seniors in a better position to tap home equity for retirement purposes. But increasing housing debt among this population could hinder their ability to use home equity to improve retirement security in the future, according to new research from the Urban Institute…. [Read More]

How Much Exercise Helps the Aging Brain?

It’s well-known that exercise benefits the brain as well as the heart and muscles, but new research pinpoints just how much — and what types — of exercise may promote thinking skills as you age. Reviewing data from dozens of studies on older adults, scientists found that those who exercised an average of at least… [Read More]

69% of Seniors Say Social Security ‘Critical’ to Retirement Plans

More than two-thirds of seniors say that Social Security benefits are critical to their retirement planning according to a new survey, while a plurality said their biggest financial regret from their younger days was not saving enough. The April survey was conducted by LendEDU, an online student loan refinancing marketplace, which sought the opinions of… [Read More]

Less than 40% of Americans on the Right Retirement Track

Less than 40% of Americans say their retirement plans are on track, and non-retirees report widespread confusion about some common financial tools and concepts, according to a new report from the Federal Reserve. Three-fifths of working people with 401(k)s, IRAs, and traditional savings accounts reported “little or no comfort” with managing them, the Fed found… [Read More]

Depression May Dampen Memory

Depression may do more than darken your mood, with new research suggesting it might also sap your memory. “Since symptoms of depression can be treated, it may be possible that treatment may also reduce thinking and memory problems,” said study author Adina Zeki Al Hazzouri, from the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine. The… [Read More]

Lifelong Exercise Can Guard Heart Health

Exercising may keep you young at heart. Researchers found that people who make regular exercise a lifelong habit appear to slow the aging of their heart and blood vessels. The finding stems from a comparison of exercise histories and heart health among 102 people over age 60. Those who had exercised two to three times… [Read More]

Putting it in reverse, advisors warm to reverse mortgages

It’s no secret that Americans are largely unprepared for retirement. But according to some financial advisors, they could be improving their financial standing significantly by factoring in home equity into a comprehensive retirement income plan. Reverse mortgages give seniors who are at least 62 years old a way to convert their home equity into cash…. [Read More]

‘What’s That Word?’ Fitness Helps Seniors Find It

Can’t recall that word that’s on the tip of your tongue? Exercise might help. Physical activity is tied to a host of benefits. Now, a small study finds that healthy older people who exercise regularly have fewer problems with word retrieval. “Tip-of-the-tongue moments are very noticeable. They are irritating and embarrassing,” said lead researcher Katrien… [Read More]

Should You Retire On Your House?

Many American households will face a significant retirement financing gap unless they save more, invest more efficiently, retire later, and/or distribute their retirement assets more efficiently. Yet the pain of such difficult behavioral changes might be mitigated by better use of an asset that almost 80 percent of retirees have: the family home. The Reverse… [Read More]