How Much Does Lawn Care Cost? We Break Down What You’ll Spend

How much does lawn care cost? That’s a question home buyers don’t often consider as carefully as they should. When you first lay eyes on that gorgeous spread of grass, it tends to look much greener when you don’t own it. But once those weeds creep knee-high or the grass starts to brown, you’ll want… [Read More]

Here’s One Thing You Should Be Shopping for This Holiday Season

Forget television sets and video games, the best thing to buy during the holiday season may be a home. A new analysis from Attom Data Solutions, a provider of real-estate data, found that December is the best month of the year to buy a home when it comes to getting a relatively good price. During… [Read More]

6 Things in Your House You Aren’t Cleaning (but Totally Should)

If you’ve been following us at all lately, then you know we’re a bit germaphobic—and with good reason. Who knew, for example, that your kitchen is actually the dirtiest part of your whole house? But before you bleach down all the surfaces, hear this. The kitchen isn’t the only place where creepy, crawly germs are… [Read More]