Reverse Mortgages Help Curb Retirement Risk for Divorced Women

Reverse mortgages have been increasingly pitched as a way to stave off the effects of so-called “gray divorce,” and a new research brief shows just how a split can put both parties’ retirement futures at risk — and how home equity benefits one demographic in particular. Households in which at least one party had previously… [Read More]

Why Today’s Seniors Are Primed to Tap Home Equity for Retirement

Rising household wealth held by older adults in recent years have put today’s seniors in a better position to tap home equity for retirement purposes. But increasing housing debt among this population could hinder their ability to use home equity to improve retirement security in the future, according to new research from the Urban Institute…. [Read More]

Should You Retire On Your House?

Many American households will face a significant retirement financing gap unless they save more, invest more efficiently, retire later, and/or distribute their retirement assets more efficiently. Yet the pain of such difficult behavioral changes might be mitigated by better use of an asset that almost 80 percent of retirees have: the family home. The Reverse… [Read More]