AARP: 76% of Older Adults Want to Age in Place

The desire to remain at home during retirement continues to be extremely important to people as they age, according to a new report from AARP. The data, released last week as part of the senior advocacy group’s 2018 Home and Community Preferences survey, shows that almost 80% of adults age 50 and older want to… [Read More]

Middle- and Lower-Income Americans May Be Falling Behind with Savings

The Bureau of Economic Analysis released updated statistics last month showing a sunnier savings outlook for Americans than previously estimated — but some commentators note that not everyone may be sharing in the success. After releasing first-quarter data showing the personal savings rate sat at 3.3%, the BEA recently amended its estimate to 7.2%, according… [Read More]

Advising Reverse Mortgage Borrowers on Aging in Place

For the many seniors who want to age in place, structural upgrades can become essential for living with accessibility and safety. A commonly promoted use for the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, these upgrades are something retirees should start planning for sooner than later if staying in their current home is the plan, said Pete Mendenhall,… [Read More]

Retirement Planners May Need to Bring Seniors Back to Reality

A variety of financial-preparedness surveys have found intense anxiety among seniors regarding retirement, with many feeling unprepared to face their future without a steady income from work. But another study that focused on more qualitative visions of retirement shows that many financial planners might have to provide a sobering dose of reality to their clients…. [Read More]

10% of Surveyed Seniors Say They’ll Fund Long-Term Care with Reverse Mortgages

A recent survey found that 10% of seniors aging alone plan on using reverse mortgages to pay for long-term care costs — a number that lags behind other sources, but still represents a potential area of opportunity for the industry. The vast majority of respondents — 68% — identified savings and investments as a source… [Read More]

For Seniors, Getting Physical Protects the Heart

If you’re in your early 60s, becoming more active may reduce your risk of heart disease, researchers report. That’s especially true for women, they added. “The 60 to 64 age range represents an important transition between work and retirement, when lifestyle behaviors tend to change. It may, therefore, be an opportunity to promote increased physical… [Read More]

Is early retirement possible?

Mark Twain said, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Only some are so lucky. And, if you are one of the lucky ones, even a job you enjoy doing can become tedious after many years. If you’re grinding through your days, thinking about… [Read More]

Here’s What Makes Seniors Feel and Act Younger

A pair of new studies points towards two potential paths to the fountain of youth. When older adults feel more control of their lives and get more exercise, they feel younger — and that improves their thinking, overall quality of life and longevity, the studies say. One study included 116 older adults (ages 60 to… [Read More]

Half of Older Adults Say They’re ‘Chasing’ a Solid Retirement Plan Without Success

Yet another survey of American retirement savers has revealed that a significant chunk of people don’t feel comfortable with the amount of money they’ve already stockpiled — with about half feeling as though they’re chasing a retirement dream that may have already left them behind. In a recent poll of adults aged 45 to 65… [Read More]

Home Prices Continue Climbing Upwards as More People Stay Put

It’s almost sounding like a broken record at this point, but U.S. home prices continued their steady climb in June — and, combined with rising interest rates, the trend is prompting more and more people to stay in their homes instead of selling. Nationwide home prices rose 6.8% during the year ended June, according to… [Read More]