One Food Could Boost Health of Colon Cancer Survivors

Colon cancer survivors can give their health a boost by eating more navy beans, a new clinical trial finds. Small, white navy beans are full of gut-supporting fibers, amino acids and other nutrients that can help the beneficial bacteria of the gut flourish, researchers said. And colon cancer patients who added a cup of navy… [Read More]

The Best Time to Buy a Christmas Tree If You’re Looking for a Bargain

For many of us, the annual visit to the Christmas tree lot happens immediately after the Thanksgiving festivities—sometimes even before the leftovers are gobbled up. Buying your tree as early as possible means you’ll have your pick of the inventory. But if you’re trying to score a deal this year (and maybe you don’t mind… [Read More]

One Part of Your Brain Could Point to the Mind’s Decline

Shrinkage of one of the brain’s key memory centers appears to herald thinking declines, a new study finds. The region in question is the hippocampus, a two-sided structure located roughly above each ear and embedded deep within the brain’s temporal lobe. It’s long been known to play a crucial role in the storage and transference… [Read More]

Anger a Threat to Health in Old Age

The loss of loved ones can hit the elderly particularly hard, but a new study suggests it’s anger, and not sadness, that may damage the aging body more. Anger can increase inflammation, which is linked with conditions such as heart disease, cancer and arthritis, the researchers said. “As most people age, they simply cannot do… [Read More]

What Illness Lands the Most Seniors in the ER?

For seniors who often find themselves in the ER, complications from diabetes is the most common culprit, new research shows. Not only that, these chronically ill patients remain in the hospital longer and require more treatment and resources, noted the authors of the study. It was published in the Jan. 28 issue of the Annals… [Read More]

Retirees Face New Challenge: Mounting Student Debt

Retirees will continue to face financial difficulties over the course of 2019, stemming from perennial problems like pensions, personal finances, social security benefits and even leftover debt from student loans. This is according to a column at MarketWatch examining the current state of the financial landscape for retirees, and accompanying data from the Federal Reserve… [Read More]

Baby boomers are struggling to recoup lost 401K balances

The 401k account balances of baby boomers were nearly $30,000 lower in June 2023 than they were by the end of 2021, showing that those in or near retirement are having a harder time recovering financial losses than younger generations. This is according to data from Fidelity Investments, as reported by USA Today. “By the… [Read More]

Seniors Would Rather Plan to Pay for Funerals Than Long-Term Care

Putting off retirement planning is common among healthy seniors — to the point where a substantial majority of them would rather think about dying than how to plot out their remaining living years. Three-quarters of respondents to a survey from Home Instead, Inc., a home health provider, said they felt more comfortable thinking about funerals… [Read More]

Survey finds nearly 25% of adults have no retirement plan besides Social Security

A survey of over 1,000 U.S. adults conducted by GOBankingRates found that if not for the presence of the Social Security program, nearly one in four adults would not have any retirement plan at all. “While nearly as many people could leave their benefits on the table and still retire in style, 50% of the… [Read More]