Reverse Mortgages Are ‘Surprising’ Option for Retirement Planning

There is a countless number of investment strategies retirees can use to plan for their financial future, but one method that has often been considered a last resort option may offer a “surprising” solution to retirement income planning, suggests a recent article from TIME Money. “Despite a bad reputation, reverse mortgages, which let retirees tap… [Read More]

Hot Cocoa May Boost Seniors’ Brain Power

Cocoa flavanols have shown some benefits for the heart, but they may also be good for cognitive function in older people, researchers found. In a double-blind study, elderly patients with mild cognitive impairment who consumed high or moderate levels of cocoa flavanols for 2 months had significant improvements on certain cognitive assessment tests compared with… [Read More]

Poor Reading Skills Might Be Fatal for Older Folks

Being unable to read and understand basic health information might have a deadly outcome for older people, new research reveals. The study included nearly 8,000 adults in England, aged 52 and older, who completed a test of functional health literacy — the ability to use reading skills to understand health-related information. Specifically, the test assessed… [Read More]

How to Prevent Hearing Loss

Do you have trouble following a conversation in a noisy room? Do other people complain that you have the television turned up too loud? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, you may already have some degree of hearing loss. Hearing loss can start at any age. According to the National Academy… [Read More]

It’s Never Too Late to Stop Smoking

Smoking is tough to give up at any age, but it can be particularly difficult for seniors whose smoking habit is decades long. But when you quit smoking, especially as a senior, there are always dramatic — and immediate — benefits to your health. Health Risks for Seniors Who Smoke Smoking can cause some serious… [Read More]

New Research Links Reverse Mortgages to Financial Well-Being

Senior homeowners can tap into their home equity in a variety of ways, whether that means taking a reverse mortgage, a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or cash-out refinance. But when it comes to deciding between these different extraction methods, reverse mortgages can have a positive impact on financial well-being of borrowers, according to… [Read More]

Aging women find healthy diets may help with mobility

In a large study conducted by at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), researchers found an association between women who maintain a healthy diet and a reduction in the risk of developing impaired physical function as they age. “Little research has been done on how diet impacts physical function later in life. We study the connection… [Read More]

Brain training test shows dementia risk cut in half for elderly

While many companies have long promised that their brain-training products can sharpen aging minds, only one type of computerized brain training so far has been shown to improve elderly people’s mental quickness and significantly reduce the risk of dementia, according to research presented at the American Psychological Association’s Annual Convention. “The mistake some people make… [Read More]

Waging a War Against Wrinkles

Even if you feel young, vibrant, and full of energy on the inside, you may still find that wrinkles on your skin bring your age up a few notches. People who work to protect their skin throughout their lives can help prevent wrinkles. But even if the wrinkles have already arrived, plenty of anti-aging treatments… [Read More]