Half of Older Adults Say They’re ‘Chasing’ a Solid Retirement Plan Without Success

Yet another survey of American retirement savers has revealed that a significant chunk of people don’t feel comfortable with the amount of money they’ve already stockpiled — with about half feeling as though they’re chasing a retirement dream that may have already left them behind. In a recent poll of adults aged 45 to 65… [Read More]

Home Prices Continue Climbing Upwards as More People Stay Put

It’s almost sounding like a broken record at this point, but U.S. home prices continued their steady climb in June — and, combined with rising interest rates, the trend is prompting more and more people to stay in their homes instead of selling. Nationwide home prices rose 6.8% during the year ended June, according to… [Read More]

Bankruptcies Skyrocket Among Seniors Amid Soaring Health Costs

The steady erosion of Medicare and Social Security benefits, the shift away from defined benefit pensions, and rising health care costs have all been blamed for seniors’ financial woes over the last decade. Now a group of researchers has the bankruptcy data to prove it. Since 1991, the rate of Americans aged 65 to 74… [Read More]

5 Nevers with a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage

In an attempt to dispel misunderstandings regarding Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs), we in the industry have coined what are called the “5 Nevers”. They are: Never Give up Title to the Home Home Equity Conversion Mortgages are just that – a mortgage and just like a conventional loan the borrower retains title to the… [Read More]